POS Billing Machine for Retail Shops or Restaurants

POS Billing Machine for Restaurants

A billing machine carries out computations, typing, and duplicates customers and records the bills or invoices. It has various components such as a card drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer that ensure hassle-free payment via cash, debit, or credit card.

Types of POS Billing Machines

Standalone Card Terminal: This type works without a cash register or software. Once you have tallied up the items, you enter the sales figure on the card machine keypad. It then connects with the merchant bank and card issuer for transaction approval and finally prints the receipt.

Integrated terminal: It is integrated with the electronic point of sale software. This type automatically shows the payment total and prints the receipt.

Cash drawers: These are usually connected with the main system. They automatically open as soon as you enter the amount paid on the till screen. In addition, it indicates the amount (change) to be returned to the customer.

Top 4 Best Billing Machines in India

In India, there are many billing machine providers. They bring the best affordable billing machines to make payment processing easier for small business owners.

Casiothermal Print Cash Register

Casiothermal is used in transactional businesses like retail stores. It comes in three-dimensional colors, making it easy to blend with your store décor. It is equipped with a single-window thermal printer capable of working at very high speeds. It can customize the header message on printed-out receipts. Its equipped with an LCD built-in at the rear end. Its operator screen is large and easy to read.


  • Small and light
  • Supports customization of receipts
  • There are plenty of online demo videos to help you achieve multiple tasks with the device.


  • Weighs 8.95 pounds
  • Dimension – 15.5*15.2*9.2 inches
  • Can support from 8 departments
  • Has 4 supported tax tables
  • Type of receipt message – programmable 5 line

WEB BP-20 Standalone Billing Machine

WEB BP-20 is geared explicitly towards businesses like restaurants, bakeries, juice parlors, and vending machines. It features an ABS plastic body build material. The device stores data of more than 2000 billing entries. It can also be easily connected to a PC and calculates VAT and discounts.


  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable


  • 2kg weight
  • AC and battery power source
  • Six-month warranty.

WeP BP Joy Thermal 2-inch Billing Printer

It is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses, mainly food-based businesses. Its thermal billing feature facilitates fast billing, and it is time-saving. It is highly accurate, which helps avoid errors, thus enhancing customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.


  • Good prints
  • Suitable for retail billing purposes


  • 1000 bills/day printing limit
  • Standalone printer type
  • 2-inch printer paper
  • Store up to 700 items.

CYSNO BIS Certified Kiosk Receipt

Its build and special features are favorable for a commercial setup kiosk like a restaurant or retail store. It supports cash boxes, and it’s easy to maintain. It supports the easy installation of paper rolls, enhancing the ease of use.

It has low power consumption, thus saving operational costs for small businesses like kiosk owners. It is also small with a smart design, thus occupying less space and saving your desk from clutter.


  • Compatibility with POS and ESC commands
  • Good speed
  • Compact


  • Thermal type of printer
  • POS /ESC commands
  • Wep BP 200 Series Billing Machine
  • Weight is 800gm
  • 90mm/per sec print speed
  • Supports print of downloaded graphics and bitmaps
  • Supports Windows and Linux

Ingenico iCT220 Dual Com

The billing smart card reader is lightweight, easy to use, and very durable. The card can read smartcards and magstripes, thus suitable for swiping and contactless transactions in small businesses. Its features support all debit and credit cards that use the pin system. In addition, it works with all financial systems that use the Elevon processors.

Its color screen aids in the promotion of different brands better. It promises connectivity no matter where or what time it is via a wide range of communication technology.


  • It’s straightforward to use
  • Good support system
  • Excellent connectivity.


  • 794g weight
  • Key type – soft press
  • Security technology – PED 3X security technology
  • 90-nanometer technology

Price chart

Billing Machine Price Estimate in INR
Casiothermal print cash register 24, 700
WEB BP-20 Standalone Billing Machine 62,121
WeP BP Joy Thermal 2-inch Billing Printer 12,999
CYSNO BIS Certified Kiosk Receipt 2,199
Ingenico iCT220 9,183

Why Do You Need a POS Billing Machine?

Billing machines are handy and practical for all kinds of businesses. A billing machine is critical for the success of the business. It helps save time and cost by retrieving payments receipts, avoiding pilferage, and improving customer service.

  1. Sales report

POS billing system or billing software provides a detailed report for your sales and inventory. This enables you to plan for your expenses and track your business finance record.

  1. Time-saving

Billing machines create and manage multiple invoices at a go. They also enable easy retrieval of information when needed.

  1. Reduced mistakes.

Billing machines help mitigate errors and accounting mistakes. Real-time price update reduces any chances of errors.

  1. Enhanced payment capabilities

With an advanced POS billing system, various modes of payments are possible such as mobile wallets, credit/card, or Internet banking.

  1. Inventory management.

Billing machines help track and manage orders, sales, and available stock. This promotes decision-making.

  1. Loyalty program

The billing machine records the trends and frequents of clients thus can help run loyalty programs to reward customers and prompt more visits.

Factors that Affect Billing Machine Pricing

The Software

The more powerful the software of a billing machine is, the higher the price. In choosing a billing machine, you need to ensure that the entire software stack bundled with your billing machine is compatible with your devices.

Keypad and display

Your billing machine’s keypad should be sizable enough for the business. The higher the workload of your business, the higher the functionality of the billing machine and its price.

Print speed

Some billing machines have higher print speed depending on the memory and inbuilt processor. This will affect the cost of any billing machine.


Your billing machine should have a large enough memory to store your sales and billing data. It should allow easy retrieval of the data and conveniently create sales reports that help you keep track of inventory. Memory size also determines the price of a billing machine.


Thanks to billing machines, accounting and payments processing in modern-day business have been made easier. However, if you are looking to buy a billing machine, you need to get one convenient for your small business, and that gets the work done with ease.

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