Khatabook vs OkCredit: India’s Bookkeeping Apps Compared!

Khatabook vs OkCredit

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and tracking financial transactions in a document known as a ledger. It is an essential part of any business and can be used to help track profits, losses, and expenses. In order to be able to effectively keep track of your finances, you will need to have a good understanding of the key concepts involved in bookkeeping.

Right now, bookkeeping software is under consideration and people are very happy after using them. But majorly businesses experience the problem when it is about figuring out the best software suiting their business needs. As we all know, Bookkeeping software is a necessary tool for any business. It helps keep track of financial data and can be used to create reports and statements. The software can also be used to manage Accounts Payable, ledgers, and other financial records.

If you are someone who is looking forward to getting the best software for your business do consider the review, we are discussing below Khatabook and OKcredit. In this article, we will help you to know about both software in detail so that you can figure out which one will suit your needs. Let’s have a look!


Khatabook is a POS billing software helpful for all small business owners. It is a business-categorized application and users can download it easily on their smartphones. It is specially designed for all small business owners so that they can get paid by their customers and manage their ledger book efficiently.

It is one of the most pocket-friendly applications available which is easy to use and Secure as well. All the business owners can sigh of relief that their accounts are safe and they will be able to receive the payments timely. There will be no requirement for them to send any personalized SMS to receive the payments.

There are so many features in Khatabook making it an efficient application including:

· Adding a customer:

All the business owners will be able to add customers to the Khatabook app so that whenever a transaction is made against them, they will receive a notification considering the payments. It doesn’t matter how many customers you wish to add, this application allows the options to add.

· Adding transactions:

A business owner can mention all the transactions that happened throughout the business. From minor to major all the transactions can be recorded in it and users will receive the update accordingly. This is helpful for the business owner and the customer both as there will be no confusion at the time of payment.

· Create multiple Khatabook:

With Khatabook bookkeeping software users can create multiple Khatabook from the same number. For example, if you are operating more than two or three businesses and you wish to maintain a separate Khatabook for each of them you can do it with a single number.

· Reports can be downloaded:

All the reports will be available on the Khatabook and users can download them in PDF format as per their requirements. It is totally on them whether they wish to get the printout for the reports or want to send them as it is to the customers.

· Payment notification:

A payment notification will be received by the customer along with a link to do the payment. Users can simply tap on the link and make the payment. It also offers the option where users can ignore the payment and send it to the shopkeeper directly through any other application.

· WhatsApp and SMS reminder:

WhatsApp and SMS reminder feature is also there in Khatabook which is really very effective for small business owners. There is no need for business owners to call customers personally and ask for payments. Timely the application will send reminders so that the payments can be made accordingly.

· Free to use:

Khatabook is a freemium application that users can consider. It is available for a free trial but there will be a Processing fee of 1% (inclusive of GST) will be applied. But the best part is the application is loaded with a lot of features in the free version which never calls the need for users to upgrade to the premium version.

· Supports UPI payment:

In India, UPI payment is in Trend and there is no doubt most businesses and people are considering it. Application support the UPI payment option and users can add a bank account for it.

OK Credit:

For all the business owners around who are looking for a simple application to operate for bookkeeping, OK Credit comes into consideration. It is a mobile-sourced application that will enable all credit or payment transactions digitally across the country. Business owners will be able to record all the payments that they have made throughout and it will turn out to be their digital ledger for the business. Between the customer and shopkeeper, there will be no room for doubt because information about all the transactions will be received by both parties through free SMS.

This application can be in use by both the customer and the shopkeeper as per their business requirement.

There are so many features of OKCredit and these are as follows:

· Multi-language support:

The primary eye-catching feature of the OKCredit application is multi-language support. It does not matter which language you speak and understand clearly this application can be operated in the same way. From English to Hindi and Malayalam to Telugu all the languages are well supported.

· The user interface is simple:

Most businesses complain that they are not in the state to understand the interface of these digital POS billing software. But with OKCredit this will not happen as the user interface is so simple that even a layman with little understanding can understand it. Users just need to browse through the software for one and they can simply figure out about the software.

· Security:

This application is encrypted with all the security and there is no room for any fraud. A login password for payment will be required every time. Until and unless you have not mentioned the login password, they cannot make the payments.

· Access to statements and records:

It does not matter at which time of the day you are operating the application you can have access to all the statements and records as per your needs. You just need to browse through the records and after that, you can view the statement and download it as per your need.

· Notification to the users:

A free SMS will be sent to the shopkeeper and the customer considering the transaction that both parties need to complete. This is simply eliminating all the doubts that people have considering the payments they need to make for a particular expense.

· Transactions added automatically:

The best part about OKCredit is the transactions get added to it automatically. There will be no need for users to enter the transactions manually. They just need to provide the access to the application and after it, they are all set to get a complete record available.

· Free of cost:

OKCredit is free of cost which simply means there will be no need for users to invest any particular amount for using it. They can have access to all the features without any limitations.

Limitation to Khatabook and OKCredit:

Apart from being the best digital bookkeeping applications, there are some limitations applied to both applications. These are as follows:

  • Both applications are focusing on credit and debit only and not focusing on other transactions of the business.
  • People will not be able to manage the employees even if they are having one employee it will turn out to be difficult to use.
  • OKCredit is confined to Android only and not there for iOS.
  • Both Khatabook and OK Credit do not provide the option considering HR, logistics, payroll, attendance, sales, and so on. For these options, users need to consider some other applications available around.

Which one to choose: Khatabook or OKCredit?

There is room for confusion for most of the users whether they consider OK Credit or Khatabook.

Well, both applications are best to use but as per the features available Khatabook is one of the best applications to consider. Irrespective of the device you are using, Khatabook software is available and you can download and operate it accordingly.

Moreover, with OKCredit you are not getting 24-by-7 live chat support but with Khatabook the option is available. In case you are facing any problem with any transaction you can simply reach out to the customer care executive and get the solution for the particular problem.


Bookkeeping software is essential for businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a small business or a larger enterprise, there are options available to keep track of your finances. The best POS billing software can save you time and money while providing you with features that make your accounting process more efficient. Users can choose any of them as per their needs. Both the software is loaded with the best features which simply make them rule the market. If you are still in confusion about which one to choose you can go for Khatabook anytime!

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