myBillBook vs Vyapar: Which is Best?

myBillBook vs Vyapar

Billing software is a necessary part of most businesses. It helps manage the finances of a business and helps clients pay for services. There are a variety of different billing software products available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make the best decision for your business, you should review the different options available and choose the product that best suits your needs.

In this article, we will help you to know about myBillBook and Vyapar. There is a possibility you might get confused when it is about using POS Billing software and these options hit at the top. After this read, there will be clarity and no such confusion will arise for sure. Let us have a look!


myBillBook is a paid and free Billing software for all the manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers available out there. It helps them to track the record of their regular activities including GST billing and inventory management. This software also allows the business person to create the bills and exchange them with the respective customer. Along with that users can create quotes and send payment updates to all the clients to receive the payments timely.

It is also having a flexible invoice format available that offers regular and thermal printing choices. If users wish to create a digital catalog and share them across the media, they can do it as well.
Majorly people are confused about the security of the software and thankfully with myBillBook, there is complete data protection along with automated replication and data transfer in a timely manner. Users can easily create the invoice without thinking about security and other aspects.

myBillBook plans and pricing:

Users considering myBillBook can choose any of the following plans:

• Free plan: The free plan allows users to perform the login on one mobile and one desktop. It offers all the app functionalities along with free customer support.
• Silver plan: The silver plan also allows users to perform the login on one mobile and one desktop. As compared to the free plan, it has so many other features included:

• Inventory Management with Stock Adjustments
• Advanced GST Reports, Profit & Loss Reports
• Take Thermal Printouts
• Generate Barcodes for items(only for mobile use)
• Create invoices by scanning Barcodes
• Remove myBillBook logo & Branding from invoices & greetings
• Bulk Items to edit via Desktop
• Priority Customer support
The cost of the silver plan is 799 INR.

• Gold plan: The gold plan allows users to perform multiple mobile and desktop logins. In the Gold Plan, all the features of the silver plan are available along with the option to add staff to the bill book. The cost of the gold plan is 1799 INR.

Vyapar is one of the best Billing software available for all the small companies that provide GST estimates and reports. It is among the high-quality invoicing and accounting platforms that support multi-user login along with financial planning. It is also having the option for service tax calculation, tax management, and budgeting.

Vyapar turns out to be helpful in producing ledgers, and POS invoicing, along with CST and GST records. Users can download and install it on their system and access it through the internet. Vyapar application is also available and helpful in handling sales, inventory, finances, and other expenses of the business. Users can easily customize it as per their needs for creating the invoice and meeting the invoicing requirements.

This one is free and paid POS Billing software is available. But there is a free trial option that allows users to figure out whether they can consider it or not. As per rules in India considering GST, vyapar turns out to be one of the fastest growing GST-compliant billing programs.

Vyapar plan and pricing:

In total there are 7 plans available when people are choosing Vyapar as the billing software. This includes:

• Free plan: A free plan is available for mobile only and includes all the app functionalities along with free customer support.
• Basic plan: The basic plan is also available for mobile only and includes all the app functionalities and removes the app logo from the invoices. It is also helpful in synchronizing the data between multiple devices and the pricing is 599 INR per year.
• Mobile + desktop plan: Mobile+ desktop plan is available with all the features included and users can use it on mobile and desktop both. There will be no need for them to feel like they need to carry the device whenever trying to access the billing software plan. The pricing for this plan is 2399 per year.
• Saver plan: This plan is among the most budget-friendly plans available from Vyapar and it is available for mobile devices only. It includes all the app features and offers only mobile use. The pricing of this plan is 1399 INR for 3 years.
• Only desktop plan: Only the desktop plan can be used on the desktop only and it includes all the app features. The pricing for this plan is 3999 INR for 3 years. There is a 1-year variant available with only a desktop plan and it cost 1999 INR per year.
• Desktop + mobile: If you are ready to take the plan for 3 years then this plan can be a good choice as it is accessible on desktop and mobile both and include all the app features. The pricing for this plan is 4979 INR for 3 years.

Which one is better: myBillBook or Vyapar?

It is quite difficult to figure out the best one between myBillBook and Vyapar. As both the POS Billing software come up with different features that are necessary for a business whenever creating a bill or invoice. But there are certain parameters that you need to keep in mind whenever finalizing the building software and these includes:

• The interface of the application: The interface of the application creates a big role Whenever finalizing the app for regular use. myBillBook has a simple interface as compared to Vyapar. Even a layman who has never utilized any application can understand the interface and use it on a regular basis.

• Small-scale business: If you are a small-scale business owner then Vyapar billing software is one of the best choices as it is free to use. It successfully caters to the needs of all small businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. But if you are a freelancer then the myBillBook app can be the choice.

• Balance sheet: For creating a balance sheet for the business myBillBook can be the choice as vyapar does not offer the option of double entry accounting. With myBillBook you can easily create a balance sheet and table of accounts as per the requirement of the business.

• Technology: Talking about the technology used in both the billing software then in my bill book cloud-based platform is used. You just need to use your email id and password to perform the login and have access to the features.

But with Vyapar, the scenario is different as it is utilizing Google Drive and runs in the background, and transfers backup data on it as well.

• Pricing: myBillBook turned out to be an inexpensive option as compared to Vyapar. Both the POS Billing software have the option of free but that is limited to certain features. In the free version, there are more features available in myBillBook

Also if you switch to the premium version and choose any particular plan you will get more features in my bill book than Vyapar. It also turns out to be a budget-friendly option for users around.

• Real-time inventory management: Real-time inventory is also important for businesses to keep a record of things in a proper way. myBillBook allows companies to install new stock and search for them right away. But with Vyapar it is not possible because it requires a manual entry for both of the entries or exit.

• Multi-device login: Multi-device login is helpful for all those users who consider using mobile and desktop for managing the bills. myBillBook is on a cloud-based platform that allows users to perform the login with a user id and password and also the premium plan offers the multi-login option. But where it is not possible because there is a particular plan the user needs to purchase for performing login on mobile and desktop.

• Integration of email: Email integration is also important to send updates to users considering invoices, predictions bills, and others. Well, myBillBook mobile app supports all of this. but Vyapar on the other hand does not have the option for email-based transfer and that is why users cannot exchange coupons online.


Both myBillBook and Vyapar come up with the best features but it is important to choose the one that is going on according to your pocket and fulfilling your business needs. In general, myBillBook is best to consider for freelancers, and for midsize business owners, Vyapar is best to try. It is not so that mid-sized businesses cannot try myBillBook. Users just need to figure out the features and check out whether their business needs are created with a particular billing software or not.

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