The restaurant business is evolving and so is the level of competition, restaurants, to get a competitive edge, must achieve operational efficiency by automating and streamlining the processes at both the front and back end. Investing in a restaurant POS software is an excellent way to achieve the desired level of efficiency in restaurant functions, enhance customer experience and expand the bottom line. As restaurant POS systems have proved their worth, more and more businesses are searching for innovative, high-quality software solutions that come with offline payments, multidevice payment acceptance, and next-day deposit features.

There are many advanced restaurant POS systems available in the Indian market but the two software that has gained traction are Petpooja Billing and TMBill. Both the options offer ease of use and are feature rich and reliable which often confuses restaurant owners comparing the two.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill is an ongoing debate as both restaurant POS software are better than most of the other options available in the market. If you are finding comparing this software tough, we have compiled this post to make the job easier for you.

PetPooja Billing Vs. TMBill comparison chart


Petpooja Billing



Rs. 10000/ year

On request



Restaurant and Cafes

Top Features

  • Table Management
  • Customer Management
  • Loyalty Program
  •  SMS and Email
  • Barcode integration

  • Restaurant POS
  •  Offer Management
  •  Delivery Management
  •  Recipe Management
  •  Vendor Management



Web Based

Web Based

Operating System

  •  Windows
  •  iOS
  •  Android
  •  Mac OS
  •  Linux
  •  Windows
  •  iOS
  •  Android

Device Supported

  •  Desktop
  •  Mobile
  •  Tablet
  •  iPad
  •  Desktop
  •  Mobile


Detailed comparison of Petpooja Billing and TMBill

When buying a restaurant POS software, it is important to check its suitability for your business. As Petpooja Billing and TMBill are two leading restaurant POS options, comparing them well and finding the better option for your business is important. here we have compared these two software in detail based on features, deployment type, industry application, and more. Read through the blog to learn which software is better for your type of business.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: Features

Both the software is loaded with features which makes it even tougher to compare both. While Petpooja Billing has features like Table Management, Customer Management, Loyalty Program, and SMS and Email, TMBill comes fitted with Restaurant POS, Offer Management, Delivery Management, and Recipe Management features. Both the software is well suited for restaurants, cafes, canteens, and other types of food establishments with small to large sizes. When comparing the choices, restaurant owners must take the scope of scalability, customization, user-friendliness, ease of integration, customer support, and budget-friendliness in mind.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: Price

Petpooja Billing is available at a nominal price of Rs. 10000 per month. Although there is another restaurant POS software that comes at a lesser price and offers a similar feature, Petpooja is a little costlier but justified considering its top-quality and reliable customer support.

TMBill on the other hand has a price-on-request term mentioned on its website. The company might be offering different prices to the customers based on the size and type of restaurant and the need for customization.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: Industry application

Petpooja Billing is a great POS system for retail but has limited scope for restaurants and cafes. TMBill is made especially for restaurants and cafés, TMBIll has better features and scope. To make it more customer friendly and effective, each software has customization feature and offer industry-specific tailored options.  You can get the best functionalities that suit the requirement of your business and make profits. This, however, may come at a higher price so make sure to discuss pricing before you move forward with the customization requests.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: deployment type

Both Petpooja Billing and TMBill are web-based applications that can be accessed on desktop and mobile. Petpooja however can also be accessed through iPads and tablets. Based on your preference of device and ease of use, you must choose the appropriate software for your establishment.

Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: Advantages and disadvantages

Petpooja Billing and TMBill have an excellent image as reliable and high-quality restaurant software. However, as there are advantages of using these POS systems, there are also some significant shortcomings that must be highlighted to the readers to help them make an informed choice.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of Petpooja Billing and TMBill:

Petpooja Billing


  • Easy to integrate, user-friendly, and feature-rich restaurant POS
  • Great customer support
  • Impressive user interface
  • Regular updates are available
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses
  • Feature-rich and easy to use
  • Best support compared to any other software in the market
  • Great features and ease of integration
  • Poor mobile-friendly interface
  • Expensive than most of the POS systems available for restaurants
  • Limited availability and restricted geographical implementation
  • Does not offer tablet and iPad support


Petpooja Billing Vs. TMBill: which one is a better choice?

Petpooja Billing and TMBill are two unique software that is well suited for different types and size of businesses. They can cater to industry-specific requirements very well and hence must be bought after a thorough understanding of your business requirements. You must choose an option that is easy to integrate and use, does not have a lot of entry barriers and is highly flexible with customization options available. Compare PetPooja billing and TMBill based on your requirements and choose the better option that offers you 100% satisfaction and desired results.