Top Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India 2023

Top Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India

The restaurant industry is expanding and the growth rate is exponential. The changing demand for foreign cuisine and the equally rising craze for Indian food have combinedly given a boost to restaurant culture in India. Add in the lack of time from busy lifestyles, and the equation becomes perfect for anyone to start a restaurant business.

However, as easy as out may sound to start a restaurant, the operational front of running a successful restaurant is quite dreary. There is a lot to manage- right from kitchen inventory to orders and billing, let alone offering the best dine-in or takeaway experience to your clients. If you fail to match the expectations of your clients, you are doomed to fail.

Luckily, high operational efficiency in restaurants is no more an unachievable target. Thanks to the advanced POS restaurant software, restaurants are managing their end-to-end operations efficiently. What matters the most is the choice of POS system and its features.

Touch screen POS billing is the latest option made available to restaurant owners in India. Restaurant owners vouch for the ease of operations that a professional Touch Screen POS billing Machine has offered them right from the time of installation.

So, what is the hype all about and what are the choices available to you when it comes to the best Touch screen POS billing machines in India 2023?

This post is an attempt to make existing and aspiring restaurant business owners understand the latest tech i.e., Touch screen POS billing system, and help them choose the best machine for their restaurant.

What is a POS billing system?

Before we hit the main topic, understanding POS billing software first is important. POS is an abbreviation used for Point Of Sales which refers to the billing counter of a restaurant. POS system for restaurants provides the right resources to run an efficient restaurant operation. The modern POS system makes billing operations quicker and brings efficiency to every transaction between the merchant and the client.

A POS billing system is a combination of POS hardware and POS software and is used for processing payments. However, the use is not limited to billing and invoicing alone; modern POS systems also offer several other features including inventory management, order management, table management, and customer management.

The benefits of using POS software are plenty including better efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a high customer retention rate.

What are Touch Screen POS billing Machines?

Coming to the main topic, Touch Screen POS billing Machines are the hardware part of the POS Billing system. As the name indicates, these are desktop computer-like machinery which is installed at the cash counter. These screens have a touch-screen feature which eliminates the need for a keyboard.

Robust and stylish, the modern touch-screen POS billing machines allow restaurant owners to accept payments from clients in different modes. The intuitive UI (a part of the POS software) brings a variety of features in one place making the transaction swift and easier.

The cashier can choose the ordered food items from the menu and the rates for them are popped up and calculated as the total billing amount. The payment for the order can be accepted in the form of cash or a card (credit & debit) transaction. The entire function is carried out on the screen and hence the name touch screen billing machines.

Several companies offer Touch screen POS billing machines in India. These machines are made attractive, with the best-grade construction material, and fitted with tech that makes restaurant businesses seamless. Add in a professional POS billing software and your operational efficiency becomes matchless.

These reliable and durable industrial-grade units are designed to make multitasking easier. The Top Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India 2023 can be integrated with all types of billing software and are ideal for cafes, and fine dining restaurants.

One reason why you must invest in the best touch screen POS billing machine is that these Compact, durable, and rugged machines are made to last and offer multiple connectivities perfect for rigorous usage.

What are the Top Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India 2023?

If you are a smart restaurant owner, you must invest in an advanced Touch Screen POS Billing Machine right away. There are ample choices available in the market and choosing the right one is of utmost importance. To ensure you do not get lost in the process, we have highlighted some of the best and Top Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India 2023 below:

EROMART 9444307037 Sunmi T1 11″ Touch Screen Android POS with Inbuilt Printer (58mm)

EROMART touch screen billing machine is one of the leading choices available to restaurant owners. Ideal for All Types of Restaurant / Fast food / Retail users, this machine allows quick billing functions along with an entry recording feature. The touch screen machine is made with durable and industrial-grade material and features a design that is both sleek and impressive.

EROMART specializes in GPRS Touch Screen Billing Machines for restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, as well as retail shops.

The core feature of the EROMART 9444307037 Sunmi T1 11″ Touch Screen Android POS with Inbuilt Printer (58mm) include:

  • Touch Screen Android Terminal
  • 11.6″ Multi-Touch HD Screen
  • High performance and smooth operations
  • 7.4V/5200 mAh battery with extended life
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Octacore OS
  • Inbuilt Printer (58mm)

Essae POS-615C Point of Sale System

POS-615C is an advanced POS billing machine by Essae featuring the latest core i3 processor. The machine is designed to integrate with the most feature-rich POS software and last intensive usage. It offers smooth applications and makes restaurant operations easier and smoother. Stylish and sleek in design, this billing machine occupies less space on the counter while taking control of your billing operations completely.

Core features of Essae POS-615C Point of Sale System include:

  • Windows 10 IOT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Value Windows Embedded POSReady 7 Linux operating system support
  • 5-Bill/8-Coin Metal Cash Drawer with Lock & Key and micro-switch cash drawer
  • Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) – True FLAT touch screen
  • High-Speeded POS Thermal printer
  • VESA-compliant Wall Mount Kit

ThinPc POS Full Set

A complete POS set, ThinPc POS comes with a POS Machine, cash drawer, receipt printer & barcode scanner. The capacitive multiple-point touch screen offers smooth functioning as you can easily access all touchpoints of your restaurant. The quick functioning of additional advantage to reduce customer engagement time during billing results in higher customer satisfaction.

Highly durable and stylish, the ThinPc POS Full Set has the following features:

· Intel J1900G, 2.0GHz Quad-core Processor

· Win 10 it embedded license

· 15.6 Inches Wide Screen

· 12V 5AMP power adaptor

· Removable Coin Tray and Coin Separator

· 6 USB ports, 1 LAN port, 1 Serial port, 1 VGA port, 1 Audio input (MIC), 1 Audio output, 1LPT Port

TVS touch screen billing machines

TVS Electronics is one of the best touch screen billing machine providers in the Indian market. Their built-to-last billing machines are advanced, durable, and robust to offer smooth billing operations. You can enjoy enhanced efficiency and high user-friendliness with any of the billing machine options.

What makes TVS stand out from the lot is its touch screen billing machines featuring modern and fanless design, multi-tasking systems, high-performing options, and industrial-grade construction.

TP 415CA is one of the finest touch screen POS billing machines by TVS. It is an Android-based Touch POS that has built-in WIFI and Bluetooth. The entire inner body is made of die-cast aluminum, making the machine durable and robust.

The core features of TVS TP 415CA include:

  • Capacitive touch screen, resolution 1920 * 1080
  • 6 Inch TFT LED Touch Screen 2 350-400cd/m
  • 16GB Flash Storage
  • RK3288 Quad-Core A17, 1.8GHz processor
  • Bluetooth and WIFI support
  • External Power Adapter
  • Speaker

TVS TP 415CA offers a wide range of benefits as it lowers power consumption, and makes restaurant operations seamless through BT & WIFI support. It is by far the most stylish and robust Touch Screen POS Billing machine in India 2023.

Get a Touch Screen POS Billing Machine now and double your profits

The biggest advantage of using a Touch Screen POS Billing Machine is savings of time and effort. A highly effective restaurant will always earn better than one based on manual operations. Choosing a Touch Screen POS Billing Machines in India 2023 can be tough but with the choices offered in this post, you can make the right decision.

While choosing a Touch Screen POS Billing Machine in India 2023 make sure you consider your budget, feature requirements, and type of food establishment in mind. Ensure that you make an investment that brings you long-term profits in terms of better operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a boost in sales and profits.

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