Top 10 Ghost or Cloud Kitchens in Thailand

Ghost Kitchen Thailand

Ghost kitchens or virtual or cloud kitchens were popularized during the COVID pandemic, but are still popular in many parts of the world, especially in Thailand. According to Statista, a survey on food services and cloud kitchen conducted by Rakuten Insight in August 2021, approximately 55 percent of respondents in Thailand stated that they have ordered food from virtual restaurants and cloud kitchens. In comparison, about 20 percent of respondents were not sure if they had done so.

Here are ten ghost kitchens in Thailand that have gained attention:

Foodpanda: Foodpanda is a popular food delivery platform in Thailand that partners with numerous ghost kitchens, offering a wide variety of cuisines to customers.

GrabKitchen: GrabKitchen is another prominent food delivery platform in Thailand that collaborates with multiple ghost kitchens, providing a diverse range of culinary options.

LINE Man Food: LINE Man Food is a delivery service in Thailand that operates its own ghost kitchen, offering various cuisines from partnered restaurants.

Honestbee: Honestbee is a grocery and food delivery service that partners with ghost kitchens in Thailand, delivering a wide selection of meals to customers’ doorsteps.

Deliveroo Editions: Deliveroo Editions is a virtual kitchen concept that partners with independent restaurants and brands, allowing them to operate in multiple locations and reach a wider customer base.

Foodie Kitchen: Foodie Kitchen is a popular ghost kitchen in Thailand that collaborates with various local and international restaurants, offering a diverse range of cuisines for delivery.

Chefman Kitchen: Chefman Kitchen is a ghost kitchen in Thailand known for its quality food and collaborations with different restaurants, ensuring a variety of dishes for customers.

Cookly Kitchen: Cookly Kitchen is a virtual kitchen platform in Thailand that hosts several ghost kitchens, specializing in different cuisines and delivering their dishes to customers.

The Food Factory: The Food Factory is a well-known ghost kitchen in Thailand that partners with multiple restaurants, enabling them to serve their dishes to a broader audience through delivery services.

Cloud Restaurants: Cloud Restaurants is a virtual kitchen network that operates in Thailand and partners with different brands, allowing them to offer their cuisine exclusively through online delivery.

Remember that the popularity and availability of ghost kitchens may change, so it’s always a good idea to check with local food delivery platforms or search for recent reviews to find the most up-to-date information on ghost kitchens in Thailand.

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