GrabFood vs GoFood vs ShopeeFood: Indonesia Restaurants Guide

GrabFood vs GoFood vs ShopeeFood: Indonesia Restaurants Guide

If you are ordering food from a restaurant, having a delivery service to deliver your food is both a convenient and a worthwhile investment. In Indonesia, there are many restaurant delivery services that make selling food easy for you. These delivery services are particularly attractive to restaurant owners who want to deliver food quickly.


According to its founders, Grabfood is the fastest growing food delivery service in Southeast Asia. App. GrabFood was launched in January 2018 when Grab acquired the app from iKaaz Software Pvt Ltd, a financial technology firm. As an on-demand food delivery service, GrabFood is an asset, because you can order food online or use the Grabfood app to place an order.

One of the benefits of GrabFood is the fact that you have a large selection of food to choose from. Your groceries are delivered to your door, and you can pay for them using GrabPay, a digital wallet in which customers can keep a balance and pay for delivery using that balance. 

In terms of delivery speed, GrabFood provides quick delivery and has become one of the most widely trusted food delivery platforms in Asia. GrabFood has a large customer base, and studies have found that service and delivery quality have led the company to gain a loyal following. Experts believe that GrabFood’s delivery quality and customer loyalty has led to its widespread popularity.

Grabfood charges a maximum service fee of 30 percent on all delivery orders. For self-pickup, customers are charged 15 percent. This amount is charged on every order. When you pay the 15 percent service charge, you are essentially paying for the convenience of using the company’s app.

Although Grabfood’s service and delivery are top-notch, some people complain that the app is lacking and say that there is not a large enough variety of food to choose from. Some believe that if the app were improved, it would be better and more effective.  Many say that GrabFood drivers don’t deliver food on time, and the app has some difficulty “detecting” customers’ addresses.

To get the app, customers must go to Google and locate Grab Rider. You can sign up to be a GrabFood driver, if you’d like. GrabFood offers free accident coverage if you are a Grab driver. At maximum, GrabFood takes a 20 percent commission on every order, according to Businesses can advertise themselves on GrabFood’s website. Since banner ads get the highest visibility on the website, experts recommend placing banner ads for this business. You can also place search ads, because you can quickly gain attention from the audience you are trying to reach. When you place search ads with GrabFood, it is easier for customers to find you, because your company rises in search results.


Indonesians have another option when it comes to food delivery services. GoFood is a restaurant delivery service that allows you to order food from restaurants and have that food delivered to you. You can input your location into the website or app, and restaurants in your area will pop up.  

On GoFood’s app or website, you can specify whether you want inexpensive food, healthy food, or if you want to order from a restaurant that operates 24 hours per day. GoFood is a company that allows customers to communicate with restaurants with the intention of delivering food to a residence. 

This service allows people to not only connect restaurants and customers; it also allows customers to find discounts at restaurants and eateries. GoFood is a 24-hour service, so you can get food anytime you need it. But how exactly does GoFood’s delivery service work? “An order is made” using a grocery store’s mobile app or website. Customers may also use a food ordering company to order food.

Delivery workers for this company can deliver drinks, sides, entrees, or desserts. These items are usually delivered to customers in bags or boxes, according to Wikipedia. GoFood saw a significant increase in the number of orders placed last year. Transactions increased significantly well in Vietnam and Indonesia, increasing the company’s success by more than half in the food delivery industry.

In 2021, GoFood changed its commission structure and changed its commission to 20 percent. While this seems like a standard for delivery services, GoFood added an extra charge in 2021, and customers were not happy about it. This price change went into effect at the height of the pandemic, but some consumers were willing to pay the extra cost. Some thought it was necessary at the time.

You can get the GoFood app by visiting the Google Play Store. While GoFood is a great food delivery option for many, some restaurant owners have concerns about price. If you want to register with GoFood, you must follow a few steps. You can use the GoBiz app, which can be downloaded only at the Google Play Store. 

Your first step is to install the GoBiz app. Once you have done this, select the registration type that best fits your business. You can register as a small business or an enterprise. You will then need to input your business requirements, which will depend upon the type of restaurant you have and your needs as a business owner.

Bear in mind that you can only register for GoFood using the GoBiz app. You can get the app from the Google Play Store. If you are a restaurant owner, you will be one of GoFood’s 75,000 restaurant business owners. As a result of your registration, millions of people will be able to access your restaurant and receive orders by delivery. 

This helps you maximize profits and sell more food. However, this is only possible if you have merchandise in stock and ready for delivery. According to Goto, it is easy to create an ad on GoFood. You simply create an ad on GoFood, and soon people all over Southeast Asia can get food from your restaurant.


Much like GoFood and GrabFood, ShopeeFood is another food delivery app for Indonesian residents. This delivery app was rebranded in 2021, experts say. The company rebranded the app. By doing so, the company was able to rebrand itself and expand its benefits to merchant partners, driver partners, and users of the app. 

When compared to GoFood and GrabFood, ShopeeFood is slightly different. As of October 2021, GrabFood and FoodPanda were the most prevalent and popular food delivery apps. When ShopeeFood launched, however, it quickly gained a large customer base. “ShopeeFood is only available” in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. However, it has been rumored that Singapore may eventually have access to the service too. 

ShopeeFood’s delivery service has been popular and far-reaching. However, experts do not know how far the delivery service will travel to deliver food. In terms of user experience, ShopeeFood can be a bit limiting, so it is best to determine how far other delivery services will travel to deliver food. This is the best way to get a good value for a delivery service.

Some ShopeeFood drivers say that the delivery reach goes to only six kilometers. Unfortunately, self-pickup is not an option for restaurant owners using ShopeeFood. Other food delivery apps provide this option, so ShopeeFood may not be the best delivery option if you want to accommodate customers. 

ShopeeFood’s presence on the market has caused food delivery apps to become competitive, and competition in Indonesia has become increasingly strong. Those who use the app have extensive choices when it comes to food and restaurants. Users of the app are either dissatisfied or satisfied based upon their user experience.

Although reliable and very effective, ShopeeFood does have some drawbacks in its commission structure. Unlike GrabFood and GoFood, ShopeeFood has a slightly higher commission rate for vendors. 

For each transaction, ShopeeFood charges vendors a slightly higher commission rate than its competitors. ShopeeFood charges its vendors a commission fee of 25 percent for every transaction. Some of ShopeeFood’s other competitors charge commission rates between 25 and 30 percent, so ultimately, it is a good idea to determine how much you can afford.

If you are looking at the ShopeeFood registration form, you will see that the company charges a fee of 25 percent per transaction. When ShopeeFood launched, a company called Behance created contextual ads that were tailored to the time of day people order from ShopeeFood and the products they want to purchase.

In July of 2022, ShopeeFood was offering discounts of up to 65 percent. While GrabFood, GoFood, and ShopeeFood are all great delivery options, it is important to determine what your budget is, your target audience, and how far-reaching you want your delivery to be.

If you want to reach high volumes of customers, it is important to weigh the delivery radius of each delivery service to determine if it is the right match for you. As a restaurant owner, your goal is to maximize profits, satisfy, and provide quality food to your customers.

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