Top 7 Cloud Kitchens in India in 2023

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The changes that the food industry is undergoing are garnering great results, especially when it comes to the cloud kitchen concept. Food lovers are getting amazing options to try a wide range of lip-smacking and pocket-friendly food while entrepreneurs are blessed with the opportunity to live their business dreams with limited investments and hassles. The availability of technology and food entrepreneurs’ ability to offer better customer experience and manage the supply chain contributes a lot towards the success of cloud kitchens in India.

More and more cloud kitchens are coming into existence as the market segment has fewer entry barriers. A potential food entrepreneur can venture into the market with limited working capital, resources, and access to the network. However, this does not mean the competition in this segment of the food industry is any less.

In the past few years, the number of cloud kitchens in India has multiplied significantly and today we have endless names under the header. Not all of these cloud kitchens are doing great and many have even shut down their operations as they failed to reach breakeven, let alone earn profits.

If you are a food enthusiast searching for the best cloud kitchen in India to order from or a budding entrepreneur who wants to learn and get inspired by some of the most successful cloud kitchens in India, this blog post is for you.

We have listed the top 7 cloud kitchens in India in 2022, which will also make it big in the coming year 2023.

The best cloud kitchen start-ups in India in 2023

The cloud kitchens mentioned in the blog post are known for offering high-quality food and earning great popularity and profits. They are running across the country, catering to the food requirements of different segments of customers.


One of the most successful cloud kitchen start-ups in India which promises great growth in 2023 as well is Kitchens@. The company was established in 2018 and had a successful term till March 2022 when it announced a merger with a Delhi-based food start-up Kitchens Centre. Now, Kitchens@ stands tall as one of the largest cloud kitchen food chains in India with 1,000 kitchens in around 100 locations across 20 cities. The founder of Kitchens@, Mr. Kizhakkayil always showed their expertise in managing operations and harnessing technology. With the merger, the start-up has set an example of how to run a successful cloud kitchen business in India for generations to learn from.


You must have heard/ read the name a lot of times as it is one of the most popular cloud kitchen chains in India. It is run and managed by one of the biggest cloud kitchen companies in India and has a presence in over 15 states. The co-founders of the cloud kitchen, Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee worked on the idea of the cloud kitchen for more than 7 years and then conceived the entity under the parent company, Rebel Foods in 2011. Faasos gives good competition to a lot many cloud kitchens and food aggregators in India and offers a wide range of food including wraps, rolls, bowls & Biryanis, and much more.

Behrouz Biryani

It is the name of the cloud kitchen that attracts the customers first followed by the taste of the commonly loved dish Biryani. Focused on offering premium choices of Biryani to food enthusiasts, Behrouz Biryani digs into the history with its name which has 2000 years old past coming from the lanes of the Persian kingdom of Behrouz, famous for the rich and tasty biryani preparation. The start-up is very targeted and has garnered a great response from the masses ever since it was first launched in 2015. They are a highly-priced cloud kitchen in India but are earning their share of profits as they justify the price with the quality of food, packaging, and promotions. The company is run by Jaydeep Barman under the parent company Rebel Foods and faces stiff competition from Biryani by Kilo, another cloud kitchen in India that now has ventured into fine dining as well.


How many times have you wished for hot and scrumptious food while traveling on the Indian Railway? Well, your wishes are granted by TravelKhana which exclusively caters food to the passengers of trains in India. All you need to do is order the food from the app at the railway station and the company will ensure to deliver it to your seat, fresh and hot.

At present, the cloud kitchen operates with 1,200 active vendors and faces good competition from RailRestro, Talabat, OrderUp & RailMitra, the cloud kitchen was the idea of Mr. Pushpinder Singh, who in 2012 laid the foundation stone of TravelKhana and has been fuelling the concept ever since.

Oven Story

The promotions and offers that Oven Story offers to its customers are second to none. You can also not beat the taste and freshness of the pizzas delivered by the cloud Kitchen. Oven Story has the widest range of pizzas on its menu available at a decent price range. It is yet another cloud kitchen managed by Rebel Foods under the leadership of Mr. Jaydeep Barman. The virtual kitchen started in 2012 and has a presence all across the country. In an interview, Jaydeep accepted that Oven Story records a revenue of 140 crores in a single year.

SLAY Coffee

SLAY Coffee changed the face of coffee delivery services in India as it is the first company to have established a successful spill proof, and hot coffee delivery system. The company has worked hard on its packaging and delivery network and guarantees a satisfying coffee experience with no change in temperature and freshness recorded. SLAY Coffee is the pioneer in gourmet coffee delivering the cloud kitchen segment. You can order a wide range of freshly brewed coffee from the company’s app and enjoy freshness at a minimal price. The cloud kitchen is run by DropKaffe Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Which was established in 2015 with the sole purpose to make safe coffee delivery a reality. Today the company runs in 25+ cities across India with a network of 1000+ trained baristas.

Sweet Truth

The love of sweetness is well known among Indians and there is no limit on how much desserts and puddings we can eat. Whether you want a sweet something early in the morning or have a midnight sweet craving, Sweet Truth is what makes your wishes come true when it comes to the safe and quick delivery of desserts and sweets. With a product range of Cakes, Cheesecakes, Pastries, Brownies, Dessert jars and more the brand is doing great in the Indian market. The cloud kitchen is the outcome of the partnership between Rebel Food’s partnership with Wunderman Thompson South Asia which wanted to make the best out of the rising demand for chocolates and western desserts in India. The company was founded in 2015 and is run and managed by Jaydeep Barman.

Should you invest in a Cloud Kitchen in India?

The success of these cloud kitchen start-ups in India inspires many to try their luck in this food market segment. However, there is a lot that goes into establishing and maintaining a successful cloud kitchen. From the right investment to efficient management, working capital to resource management, and the ability to harness technology, you will need to gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the cloud kitchen model in India and then think of starting your own.

The cloud kitchens mentioned in this article are some of the most successful start-ups in India that have recorded great sales and revenue in the previous years and are ready to continue the legacy in 2023.

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