Takealot vs Amazon: Which Has Better Restaurant Supply Deals?

takealot vs amazon

While Amazon South Africa will launch Amazon.co.za in 2024, it is fair to compare them now to see how it fits into your restaurant supply needs. To compare the deals on restaurant supplies between Takealot, a prominent online retailer in South Africa, and Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, it’s essential to consider several factors that influence the overall value offered by these platforms. These factors include product range, pricing, shipping policies, customer service, and reliability of delivery. This analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these aspects to help restaurant owners or purchasers make an informed decision.

Product Range

Takealot: Takealot, an e-commerce company based in Cape Town, South Africa and founded in 2011, has been expanding its product range consistently, including restaurant supplies. However, its focus remains on the consumer market, and while it does offer a selection of restaurant-grade equipment and supplies, the variety may not be as extensive as a dedicated supplier or a global platform. For South African buyers, it presents the convenience of accessing a range of products tailored to local needs and preferences.

Amazon: Amazon’s global marketplace features an incredibly vast range of products, including a comprehensive selection of restaurant supplies. From kitchen equipment, tableware, and disposables to specialized culinary tools, Amazon likely offers a broader variety than Takealot. The sheer scale of Amazon’s inventory means that restaurant owners can find almost anything they need, often including rare or highly specialized items.


Takealot: Pricing on Takealot can be competitive for the South African market, particularly when considering local promotions and deals. The platform often runs sales events that can significantly reduce the cost of restaurant supplies. However, prices may vary greatly depending on the supplier and the brand.

Amazon: Amazon’s pricing is known for being competitive globally, thanks to its vast network of suppliers and its dynamic pricing model. Additionally, Amazon offers price comparisons, allowing buyers to select products that offer the best value. For international buyers, including those in South Africa, import duties and shipping costs must be considered, as they can significantly affect the final price.

Shipping Policies

Takealot: One of Takealot’s strengths is its shipping policy, especially for buyers within South Africa. The platform offers reliable delivery times and, in some cases, free shipping for orders above a certain value. For restaurant owners requiring quick replenishment of supplies, this can be a critical factor.

Amazon: Amazon’s shipping policies are highly efficient, with various options available, including Amazon Prime for expedited shipping. For international orders, shipping costs and times can vary widely, and customs or import duties may apply. Amazon’s global reach means they can deliver almost anywhere, but the costs and delivery times might not always be competitive for South African buyers.

Customer Service

Takealot: Customer service at Takealot is generally well-regarded, with multiple channels for support and a straightforward returns policy. The local focus of Takealot means that they may offer more personalized service, understanding the specific needs and challenges of South African businesses.

Amazon: Amazon’s customer service is extensive, providing 24/7 support through various channels. The company’s global perspective means they have a wealth of experience dealing with a range of issues. However, the large scale of Amazon’s operations might lead to less personalized service compared to local platforms.

Reliability of Delivery

Takealot: Delivery reliability is a strong point for Takealot, especially within its primary market of South Africa. The company has a good track record of meeting delivery timelines, an important consideration for businesses that need their supplies in a timely manner.

Amazon: Amazon is renowned for its delivery efficiency and reliability worldwide. However, international orders, including those shipped to South Africa, can be subject to delays due to customs, which is less of an issue for domestic orders from platforms like Takealot.


The choice between Takealot and Amazon for restaurant supplies depends on several factors, including the specific needs of the business, budget considerations, and the importance of delivery times. Takealot offers the advantages of local market focus, potentially lower shipping costs for South African buyers, and a competitive but possibly narrower product range. Amazon, on the other hand, excels with its vast product selection, competitive pricing, and efficient customer service, though international shipping costs and times could be a drawback for South African customers.

For South African restaurant owners, Takealot might be the more convenient option for quick, local purchases, especially if they are looking for standard supplies and can benefit from local deals. On the other hand, for those in need of specialized equipment or looking to compare prices globally, Amazon might offer better options, provided that the buyers are prepared to navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs duties.

In making a decision, restaurant owners should weigh these factors based on their specific requirements, considering both immediate needs and long-term supply strategies. It’s also advisable to monitor both platforms for deals and promotions, which can significantly affect the overall value proposition of their offerings.

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