Top Ice Cream Shop Franchises in South Africa

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Looking to start a new ice cream shop in South Africa? You have many options in going the franchise route or opening your own with no brand affiliation. In this article, we will discuss the top South African ice cream brands.

South Africa boasts a variety of ice cream shop franchises and brands that have gained popularity over the years. While specific rankings of these franchises aren’t readily available, we can look at some of the well-known ice cream brands and outlets in the country.

  1. Royal Danish in Pretoria is one of the top ice cream brands in South Africa. This brand is known for its quality and has established a good reputation among consumers.
  2. Crumbs & Cream based in Johannesburg offers a unique experience with their ice cream varieties. Their presence in a major city like Johannesburg signifies their popularity and appeal. Owned and managed by sisters Shahar and Or Peled, together with their husbands, Crumbs & Cream, first opened a Crumbs & Cream ice cream truck at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. That was later followed by their first Crumbs & Cream store at Sea Point in March 2016.
  3. The Creamery in Cape Town is another notable name in the South African ice cream market. Cape Town, being a major tourist destination, provides an ideal location for such popular ice cream outlets.
  4. Momenti Artisan Gelato in Durban stands out for its artisanal approach to gelato, offering a different texture and flavor profile compared to traditional ice cream.
  5. Pete’s Super Natural Ice Cream in Johannesburg is also among the popular choices, known for its natural ingredients and innovative flavors.

Additionally, Las Paletas was awarded the best Frozen Dessert in South Africa by the SA Dairy Championships, indicating its high quality and customer appeal. Another proudly South African brand is Sweet Dream Ice Cream, which emphasizes locally sourced produce and traditional methods in its production.

These brands and franchises reflect the diverse and rich ice cream culture in South Africa, offering a range of flavors and experiences to consumers​​.

For more detailed information about ice cream franchises and opportunities in South Africa, you might want to explore resources like Franchise Direct and The Franchise Association of South Africa, which offer directories and insights into various franchise opportunities, including those in the ice cream sector

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