Software’s are programs used to operate computers as well as execute tasks. Software’s are continually integrating into our devices and tools, thus helping us solve more life challenges than ever before. POS Billing software is used to perform an action every time instant payment execution is usually done in retail stores. The principal functions of POS Billing software are generating invoices, updating inventory, and maintaining stock.

POS Billing Software Features

  • It is straightforward to use
  • Allows customers to split their payments
  • Gets rid of cash and credit card payments
  • You can create accounts for different salespeople
  • Allows auto-filled orders
  • Helps in better customer management.
  • Helps with stock management / inventory management
  • Helps with sales, helping you know your top selling products
  • Let’s you know when inventory is low with low inventory alert feature
  • Helps with GST billing and reporting
  • Label generation helps businesses create barcode for loose products or for unique products
  • You can manage your suppliers or distributors in a centralized way.
  • You can do paperless billing with e-mail and WhatsApp or SMS

Leading POS Billing Software in India

POS Billing Software is becoming more prevalent in India. As the businesses grow and competition stiffens up, POS Billing Software is making things easier for many operators.

SLANT POS Billing Software

This POS Billing software has a free and premium version. The free tool has been crafted to suit different business’s requirements. The premium version provides a range of features for better control in the billing process.

Why Slant?

  • Slant POS billing software is on Google Playstore
  • It is 100% safe and secure
  • The mobile app version is free for a lifetime
  • The paid version offers can be used on any Android billing machine or tablet

SLANT Key Capabilities

Other than retail businesses, the Slant software can be used in grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, and garment shops to boost your customer’s satisfaction. Key capabilities include:

  1. Streamlines your billing

Slant app ensures fast and accurate billing. You can collect customer’s details and share bills on Email or WhatsApp, hence improving customers’ experience. You can keep track of critical information like customers’ purchase history and maintain profiles of returning clients.

It also has an integrated accounting system feature that aids in the avoidance of minor problems like mismatched tallies and unrecorded sales.

  1. Sell more efficiently

A significant feature in Slant POS billing software is the super quick item search function. This is because it identifies items using unique serial numbers, batch numbers, or other inventory reports like expiry dates. In the long run, you can maintain a database of customer preferences and target accordingly.

  1. Get access to sales data and critical reports

Slant POS Billing software helps you monitor critical information about sales and purchase transactions from wherever you are. This is because Slant’s POS software can be used on any android device. This feature thus helps you access data, make sales comparisons in different months, supervise sales, and generate detailed sales reports with a few clicks.

Slant ERP Accounting Software

Slant ERP is an online accounting software based in India designed specially and curated for Indian retailers and manufacturers. In India, small and medium enterprises have always had difficulties finding accounting, Enterprise Relations Planning (ERPs), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution providers who can keep up with the fast growth being witnessed in the sector. Also, due to high costs, SMEs could not afford ERP solutions. The advent of Slant ERP has benefited many sectors in India.

Why employ Slant ERP?

Slant ERP works both online and offline, other features include:

  • Cloud-based accounting software
  • Hardware independent
  • Back office runs on a browser and supports all Android devices, thus very efficient
  • It has no upgrade cost on Amazon Web Servers
  • Quick technical online and offline support team.

Slant ERP Key Capabilities

Slant ERP provides solutions to manage GST, customer loyalty, accounting, analytics, and much more. This software has an auto-update system which aids in upgrading the system at an absolute zero cost. In general, Slant ERP enables a variety of advanced services for fast retail and customer management and operations.

  1. Creates more transparency

Slant Cloud invoicing provides a straightforward and easy-to-understand audit trail. It also creates unification of physical in-store and digital data for enhanced customer experiences.

  1. Save your time and resources

Slant Accounting can save your time and money by boosting production efficiency and carrying out real-time analytics. It offers you appropriate and valuable reasonable business insights.

  1. Fast billing 

Slant POS helps you make faster and accurate bills. Slant POS simply reads or scans the Bar-code to calculate the price and prompt a printed invoice.

  1. Simplified reporting

Slant ERP simplifies report making by providing a customizable dashboard that can easily turn into timely reports. It also allows data analysis in an ERP for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Use of POS Billing Software in Indian Restaurants

POS billing promotes easier and smoother accounting processes in restaurants. The billing software comes with integrated modules that make receiving orders more effortless and smooth. Such modules range from payment integration, membership management, franchise management, promotion, rewards, and feedback systems.

The POS module helps improve the steps involved for faster and efficient food delivery. It improves order accuracy and efficiency. Besides recording orders from customers, it relays the same information to all the staff in the kitchen, thus preventing mix-ups. POS allows more streamlined order deployment. Since customers can make their orders online, POS billing software displays orders in ascending order, prompting priority based on the first order.

The system is known to improve customer retention. POS billing software in restaurants saves and retains a customer’s basic information after an order. This information helps in creating marketing strategies such as coupon codes that favor frequent clients.

Use of POS Billing Software in Indian Retail Businesses

The software allows businesses to store customers’ information safely in web servers in the cloud. It improves accuracy and consistency as the systems scan items and automatically input them into the system for correct charged prices. It also updates inventory every time a sale is made and makes it easier to spot sale trends. POS system lets you run detailed sales reports and determine which products are selling more and which aren’t. With POS billing, you streamline your accounting process. Tracking and managing business finances using POS accounting software is convenient and keeps your information updated.


While using the POS billing software isn’t mandatory, it is worthwhile in businesses. Over time, the POS billing software will save your employees much time, ease up their work, promote fast and accurate operations hence inadvertently increasing output and promoting the business’s success. It will also promote customer satisfaction. In India, commonly used POS billing software in restaurants, distributors, and retail businesses are Slant POS and Slant ERP. Both this POS billing software’s ensure accuracy, efficiency, manageable and smoother processes.

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