To lead the market, businesses must adopt automation and reduce manual errors and time delays. Businesses are experimenting with newer technologies and adapting digitally to achieve operational efficiency. Invoicing and taxation are two very complicated aspects of businesses that demand consistent efforts. Modern business software and POS systems prove very beneficial for both large and small-scale businesses as they allow them to manage a wide range of operations from one place. Right from invoicing and billing to customer management, order management, and inventory checks, the modern invoicing software can handle a full spectrum of business tasks.

While there is several different accounting software available in the market, Swipe-billing has been one of the most popular choices. It has certain distinct features that kept it unique for a time but today, several Swipe-billing alternatives have launched in the market offering diverse choices to business owners.

This post will discuss Swipe-Billing software in detail and will also offer some Swipe-Billing alternatives that are equally good or even better than the former.

What is Swipe Billing?

As per Swipe’s official website= “Swipe is a free GST billing software, that helps you track your sales, purchases & estimates in real-time. With Swipe, you can easily manage your inventory, file GST returns, and create & share professional invoices.”

The software markets itself as one of the quickest and most efficient business software available in India. It guarantees that invoice generation through Swipe takes as little as 10 seconds while the accuracy is always top-notch. It offers great control over the business and is easy to install and integrate with your existing programs.

Key features of Swipe-Billing include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice
  • Vendor Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • POS Transactions
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Multiple Billing Rates
  • Partial Payments
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Credit Notes
  • Online Invoice Payment

The software can serve freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, Enterprises, and agencies alike and comes with an extensive support system including email, phone calls, training as well a live support system.

Swipe-billing allows businesses to:

  • Share bills on WhatsApp or email
  • 10-seconds Invoices, POs, Quotations generation
  • Payment collection via UPI (QR Codes) and track status
  • Inventory tracking
  • GSTR Report generation with an instant tax filing system
  • Daily expenses management
  • Metrics and analytics included
  • Online store creation

What are some Swipe Billing software alternatives?

Swipe offers the widest range of features in the billing software category at its price., However, there are several other billing software that offers similar features, benefits, and competitive advantages to the users. Some of the professional Swipe-billing software alternatives available in the market include:


myBillBook is a GST billing and inventory management software that makes generating bills and professional invoices easier and quick. More and more businesses are choosing myBillBook as the software is easy to integrate, user-friendly, and offers a wide range of features at a competitive price. It can be fully customized to meet the requirements of exclusive businesses and offer 360-degree support.

Inventory management: It is exemplary in terms of inventory tracking and generates alerts when stock levels decline.

Business transactions: The software records business transactions such as purchases, sales, quotations, and returns.

Reporting: The software can make reports that include Profit and Loss, GST reports, and Stock & Party Ledger reports.


Slant is the most promising POS billing software for retail businesses. It easily integrates with your system and makes invoicing and accounting for business easy, accurate and quick. Marketed as the ideal POS software for the Retail and F&B industry, Slant comes befitted with a wide range of features including:

Inventory management: the comprehensive inventory management feature of Slant makes inventory handling and management efficient. Users can add/ edit items and create purchase orders on the go. Keep a tab on fastest selling items, inventory levels, costs as well as department-wise inventory reports.

Reporting: Real-time reporting with facts and figures to make crucial business decisions.

Customer Management: Manage customer data including email lists to boost your marketing efforts.

Customization: Slant is known for its customization abilities as it can be easily personalized to meet your business needs.

Cloud-based software: This reliable cloud-based software offers high security and access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Zoho Invoice

A great Swipe-billing alternative, Zoho Invoice allows the users to generate and send professionally created invoices to their customers. The software is multi-tasking and allows users to use the invoicing system while generating payment reminders for existing customers. With several features, the software can automate business operations, offering a competitive advantage to businesses.

Invoice management: users can create and send invoices along with payment reminders and manage the entire invoicing cycle.

Time tracking: The time tracking feature allows businesses the ability to check the time taken by different processes and manage them well.

Flexible reporting system: generate sales, profit, and other reports for current and future assessment requirements.

Vyapar Billing Software

A very simple to use and cost-effective billing software available in India, Vyapar Billing Software allows businesses with impressive accounting and inventory management modules. The software is reliable and can generate GST-compliant bills in no time. You can also share the bill with the customers, in your desired bill format.

Invoice management: generate invoices in your preferred format in no time and share them with your customers over messages or email.

Inventory management: the inventory management feature of the software allows businesses to track stock status in real-time, and generate alerts for lowering stock levels. It also evaluates inventory quality and value based on actors like batch number, date of expiry, date of selling, etc.

Bookkeeping: Vyapar Billing Software offers detailed Bookkeeping support and can record every sale and other records of the business.


One of its kind, Invoicely is a web-based finance management software that caters to billing and invoicing for businesses with small financing models. It is an excellent tool to use for invoicing management as well as reporting support. Businesses can not only generate invoices but also manage hourly billing and collect payments in multiple modes.

It is a cost-effective software with full spectrum finance management support.

Invoicing: generate customized bills with the company logo and theme and boost organization without any hassle.

Online payments: Businesses can accept payment through different gateways like PayPal, Wepay, Stripe, and more

Time & expense tracking: track all business tasks, compute hourly basis expenses, and maintain records for future evaluation with this software.


Promoted as an all-in-one Billing And Invoicing Software, KwikBiz is ideal for Start-ups, SMBs, SMEs, and Agencies. This web-based application is very user-friendly and offers end-to-end invoicing solutions including GST Invoicing, Lead Management, Sales Orders, and Purchases. The multiple features of the invoicing software for businesses include Tasks, MIS, Dashboard, Inventory, and Marketing.

Invoicing: Complete end-to-end invoicing solution with GST compliance.

Sales Order Management: effective sales order management with full recording and organization. Users can record sales orders, generate reports and identify pending orders.

Compatibility: A web-based software with desktop, mobile, tablet, and iPad compatibility.

Viva Billing Software

Comprehensive billing software for businesses to handle their accounting and billing needs. The software records, and generate reports for the financial management of businesses as well as its clients. Eliminating the scope for manual error, This software offers automation and precision to the next level. Users can generate a bill, share them with the clients and maintain GST compliance all this while. You can use the software for Invoicing, billing, purchase order, import and export, reports, and reminders.

The key features of Viva Billing Software include:

Invoicing & Billing:  an easy and automated way to manage invoices and billing for businesses. Viva Billing Software generates GST-compliant bills for clients.

Report generation: generate reports and keep track of payments, orders, and much more with the report generation module of the software.

Sleek Bill

Businesses that demand efficient billing software on a budget must try Sleek Bill. A great Swipe Billing software alternative, Sleek Bill is a unique billing software developed for the Indian market and aimed at making ongoing functions simpler and quicker. It features invoicing with GST integration which makes operations easier. It automates and streamlines various functions of a business including billing, invoicing, receipt generation, and payment. Available in three different cost and features models, the software features:

Invoicing system: generate invoices and share them with clients. GST integration makes invoicing compliant and easier to manage.

Tax compliance: The GST computation sorts taxation hassles and makes monthly tax returns and payments easier and timelier.

Hitech BillSoft

While online billing software is in great demand, Hitech BillSoft comes with both online and offline working models. A comprehensive solution to billing and invoicing, Hitech BillSoft can easily generate bills as per business requirements and share them with clients in printed forms. It features a single-click barcode feature to speed up the billing process. The POS billing software is ideal for the overall sales and taxation process for different types and sizes of businesses.

Invoicing: hassle-free sales, payment, and billing process management for clients.

Reporting: a complete solution for valuable reporting, managing employees’ attendance, and payroll processing.

Client management: manage and organize the client’s account balance, account history, invoices, quotations, pending payments, and cheque alerts.

Inventory management: The software has a built-in inventory management feature that allows stock tracking. Maintain stock records and get alerts on diminishing stock levels.

GST reporting: set template and generate GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B reports as per requirement.


These are some excellent Swipe Billing software alternatives for businesses in 2022 and beyond. Slant’s billing software is an excellent business invoicing software with multiple features. However, the modern accounting and invoicing software available in the market are equally efficient in helping businesses strengthen their invoicing and accounting functions. This software is feature rich and available at a budget-friendly price. Businesses can choose the most suitable option based on price, features, integration, and ease of use.